More Information on the Alternatives to Heart Bypass Surgery

Heart bypass surgery is also known as coronary bypass graft surgery. It is used to improve blood circulation to the heart. A surgeon utilizes blood vessels from a different section of your body to bypass the injured arteries. Doctors carry out about 200,000 such surgeries in the USA every year. The surgery is performed when coronary arteries get damaged or blocked. This can cause heart failure.How is the need for this surgery determined? A crew of doctors, including a cardiologist, determine if you can undertake open-heart surgery. Some medical issues can obscure the surgery or remove it as a possibility. Conditions that can result in complications include kidney disease, peripheral arterial disease, diabetes, and emphysema. Before you schedule surgery, you should consult your doctor. You will as well have to talk about any over-the-counter or prescription medicines you are taking as well as family medical history. If you cannot undergo surgery, there are alternatives to heart bypass surgery. These are discussed below. First, there is balloon angioplasty. Most doctors recommend this alternative. During this procedure, a tube is threaded through your obstructed artery. Afterward, a tiny balloon is pumped up to broaden the artery. The doctor then takes away the balloon and the tube. A tiny metal scaffold is left in place. A stent prevents the artery from contracting to its usual size. Secondly, there is enhanced external counterpulsation. This is an outpatient procedure. Multiple studies say it can be carried out as an alternative to heart bypass surgery. Find out the Alternatives to coronary bypass open heart surgery.

In 2012, FDA approved it for use in individuals with congestive heart failure. It involves squeezing blood vessels in the lower limb to increase blood circulation to the heart. The extra blood is moved to the heart with each heartbeat. Eventually, some blood vessels might develop additional ‘branches’ that’ll deliver blood to the heart, turning out to be a kind of ‘natural bypass.’ EECP is administered every day for a duration of 1-2 hours for about seven weeks.  Learn more about the Alternatives to coronary bypass open heart surgery. Medications are another alternative. There are medications to consider before settling for heart bypass surgery. Beta-blockers can alleviate stable angina. You can take cholesterol-lowering medications to slow plaque upsurge in your arteries. Your doctor might also recommend a daily dosage of aspirin to prevent heart attacks. Aspirin therapy is much effective in patients with a history of atherosclerotic cardiovascular diseases like stroke or heart attack.

If you have no prior history, only take aspirin as a preventive medication if you have a low risk for bleeding and are at great danger of heart attack. Last but not least, there is the alternative of lifestyle and diet changes. As per the American Heart Association, the most outstanding measure is a ‘heart healthy’ way of life. Consuming food that is low in trans and saturated fats and high in omega-3 acids helps your heart to remain healthy. After reading this article, you are fully aware of alternatives you can take to heart bypass surgery. The best is to make lifestyle and diet adjustments. Before considering any other alternative, talk to your doctor.


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